Troy Connor | Para Nordic

How AFPST has helped wounded serviceman Troy Conner find a new direction in life.

I’ve proudly served in two Regiments during my time, starting off with my local Regiment the Duke of Wellingtons from 1996 until 2002. I missed the Military way of life and decided to rejoin in 2004. This time I wanted to really challenge myself so I went for the Elite Parachute Regiment. I was fortunate and switched on enough to be selected for 1Para SFSG. 
I’ve carried out active service in Kosovo, Macedonia, Iraq and Afghanistan. It was during my last tour of Afghan in 2009 that I found myself involved in a tragic incident where an IED exploded under my vehicle. I was the only survivor. I suffered a brain injury resulting in life long epilepsy, loss of sight in the right eye, and a broken back, which left me for some time in a wheelchair. So these are the challenges I have had to face and continue to do so on a daily basis. My injuries resulted in the end of my military career. I was devastated. After the rehabilitation process I was medically discharged in September 2011. 
Since discharge I have had a couple of jobs and work placements but never been able to quite find my niche, so for a while I slipped under the radar. After finally putting my hand up and reaching out for help I contacted Walking with the Wounded. They asked me what really drove me and I told them I very much enjoyed skiing, having only learned in 2011 post injury. It has become a personal passion.
Walking with the Wounded put me in contact with the AFPST in 2016 and I have now been on a number of trips with the AFPST Nordic Ski Team. It is a real challenge on many levels and I can now truly say that I have got the fire in my belly back and I’m feeling part of something again – a team and a family. 
As I’m currently out of employment, living off my pension, I have time on my hands and I fully want to commit to AFPST. It’s helped me make new friends with things in common and find other positive people who love the challenge. 

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